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Fieldhouse of the Homeless Needs Donations

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Thursday night The Fieldhouse for the Homeless sheltered a lot more people than usual because of the severe weather conditions. The increased number of residents also means more demands in supplies. The Fieldhouse for the Homeless needs the public to support them with denotations.

"Yes, a lot of people came in yesterday. We fed them, and everything else," The Fieldhouse of the Homeless' kitchen manager, John Young said. "The problem we have now is a lot of people that were in the woods, lost their tents. The snow built up and broke their poles, so need tents, blankets, coffee, sugar, and whatever we can get basically."

Donations can be made at The Fieldhouse for the Homeless at 5712 U.S. 49, Hattiesburg, MS.



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