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Homeless Shelters Are Open

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – The weather conditions have many homeless people across the city looking for a place to stay warm tonight. “A lot of people don’t understand how difficult homelessness is… to a point to where it can cause you to go into a depression,” a homeless woman Hattiesburg woman, Jessica Badger said. Jessica and her husband Charles Badger are a homeless couple looking for a place to stay during Thursday night’s freeze, which ultimately led the Badger family to The Fieldhouse for the Homeless. “It’s really sad, it really is but people go through things and we’re just here to help them,” The Fieldhouse for the Homeless’, kitchen manager John Young said. “God has given us strength just keep going and that’s the way we do it.” The Fieldhouse for the Homeless accommodates many individuals giving them a place to stay warm when it gets cold. “It means a lot… prior to coming here, I didn’t have anywhere to go. I lived in my car,” a resident at The FieldHouse for the Homeless, Cali Morrison said. “This place feeds you, it provides with shelter, and they help you get certain credentials that help you move up.” The Fieldhouse for the homeless is one of the many options for homeless individuals to find shelter. “The Salvation Army in conjunction with the Forrest county supervisors are going to open a homeless shelter tonight,” Glen Moore said. “They will be open tonight through Sunday each night at 6PM. If it were not for these two facilities, Badger believes many members of the homeless community wouldn’t probably make it through the night. “I would say that people would probably end up freezing to death in this kind of weather,” Jessica Badger said. These shelters need the community’s help too, and they are asking for donations. In order to donate, simply drop off your donations at either facility.



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