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Columbia Mississippi's Christmas Lights could bring an Economic BOOM to the city!

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - Two men are leading the charge to decorate the city of Columbia, Miss. this holiday season, and they hope their decorations will have a positive economic impact on the city. "This year we just wanted to go really big," Main St. Director, Nik Ingram said. "So, we put a lot of money together, and a lot of resources and we were able to cover most of the downtown area." "Main street is a quiet town," the Vice President of Looks Great Services of Mississippi, Kristian Agoglia said. "It has historic buildings here, and it does bring back that feeling of an old town Christmas." Ingram and Agoglia say these Christmas decorations serve a bigger purpose than just your ordinary piece of holiday decoration, but they can also provide a positive economic impact to the city of Columbia. "Every fundraiser, every membership, and every sponsorship we receive is starting to go towards decorating downtown," Ingram said. "Mostly for Christmas, and that's going to be happening throughout the rest of the year because we really want to attract businesses to downtown Columbia. We feel like this is a really great place to grow a business." Ingram speaks from experience, being that he owns a business in Columbia called the Relevant Design, and Agoglia also owns a business called Looks Great Services. The two men partnered together, believing that if they could revitalize downtown Columbia, then they could attract more consumers to local businesses. Now with more than a few thousand light bulbs later the city shines brightly. "I believe it is close to three-thousand feet of building lighting and tree lighting, and it is probably around four or five-thousand lightbulbs cumulative with all the trees," Agoglia said. Bringing consumers left and right, to visit one of Mississippi's best-kept secrets. "Columbia is one of Mississippi's best-kept secrets," Ingram said. "This is the perfect place to live, grow, and start a business." The National Retail Federation estimates Americans to spend more than 465 billion dollars this holiday season.



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