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Hub City Humane Society Helps Hundreds Of Animals Using Their Calendar Fundraiser

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - For many people, pets are like another member of the family. The Hub City Humane Society is currently participating in a fundraiser that will help hundreds of animals find a good home. “Animals need the same things we need,” the director of the Hub City Humane Society, Virginia Cheatham said. “They need food water, they need warmth, they need shelter, and they need attention.” That's why the Hub City Humane Society started a fundraiser to help animals across the Pine Belt. “We have the Pretties for Kitties calendar and we have the Hunk for Hounds. We did the Hunks for Hounds last year and it was really successful, so we're trying it again,” Cheatham said. “The Pretties for Kitties is something new. It features beautiful ladies with little kittens, and the photography is amazing.” The Hub City Humane Society sells these calendars to the public, and then uses their profit to help save more animals. “These calendars are one of our biggest fundraisers of the year,” Cheatham said. “It enables us to send dogs to life-saving transports. This year, we were able to get ninety-four percent of all our animals out and into good homes.” When these animals arrive at these good homes, pet owners need to make sure they take the necessary steps to ensure their pet's safety, especially during the winter. “If you’re cold, they're cold. They [pet owners] need to make provision for their animals,” Cheatham explained. “If it is really cold they need to bring them inside. If that is not something they can do, then they need to make sure they have plenty of bedding and a heat lamp… something warm, and they need to have adequate food and water at that time." However, if these animals do not receive the proper treatment needed then they could experience severe health problems. “They can get hypothermia and get real lethargic, and may not be able to survive,” Cheatham said. In addition to that information, Hub City Humane Society says it is important to make sure that your animals are spayed and neutered because of the over population in animal shelters throughout the country. If you want to buy calendar head over to 95 Jackson Road, Hattiesburg, MISS.



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