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Forrest General Healthcare Foundation move forward with mission and new project

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - People often refer to Hattiesburg as a generous small town and one of the best kept secrets in the South.

There is a non-profit organization, Forrest General Healthcare Foundation, on a mission to enrich the quality of that secret in the Pinebelt.

“Hattiesburg is just so unique and there is just so many avenues where people can get involved and make differences. Whether it be with our schools, health care, the university, the United way. There are so many huge needs here and we have such a huge group of people that just give up their time,” said Executive Director of Forrest General Healthcare Foundation, Martha Dearman.

Dearman and a team of colleagues wanted to develop the non-profit as the philanthropic arm of Forrest General Hospital.

"We care about our community and we want to make a difference. It’s because of the generosity of the people who live here and the willingness of all of our volunteers. Who are willing to make a huge difference and raise the money,”

She said the engagement here in the hub city makes the quality of life in Hattiesburg better. The foundation members are currently in the final decisions and evaluation stages of their next major campaign and look forward to making a big announcement this year.



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