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Lewis Lights of Purvis may not shine for 2018 holiday season

PURVIS, Miss. - It's been two days since Lewis Lights owners found missing copper wire from their popular holiday display and they are still searching for answers.

For nearly 30 years, the Lewis family of Purvis have displayed nearly 200,000 lights in their yard attracting hundreds of visitors from around the pine belt. According to Co-owner, Deborah Lewis one unwanted visitor stole 20 power boxes and thousands of feet of Romex wire, worth more than $1,200.

"We've had extension cords cut, lights pulled, fences kind of broke, people kind of crossing over fences. This year we had people crossing over the fences pulling up wood work that was down in the ground…This is the hardest hit that we have had happen." said Co-owner, Deborah Lewis.

The Lamar County Sheriff's office continues to investigate, but the Lewis family is debating whether the lights will go up again at the end of this year.

"It [irritates] me, that someone thinks they have the right to come up and take property that not only belongs to us, but it basically has put the light show at a stop. Without those lines there's no power to run through these trees and bushes and everything that people see. Those lines are the mainstay for these lights."



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