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One of the World's Strongest Men Visits Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - One of the world's strongest men paid a visit to Hattiesburg while preparing for his next competition in March. Dimitar Savatinov is a former high school wrestler, who later turned into a professional power lighter. Despite his world achieved success, Savatinov gives a lot of credit to a Mississippi native who help him push himself to the limit. “I have competed on world's biggest stage,” Savatinov said. “To tell the truth, it actually started with this guy here... Steven Maples. Who I meant about twelve years ago.” “When I met him twelve years ago… I mean he was a strong guy, and he told me he wanted to compete in the World's Strongest Man, and I said… Yeah, yeah,” Maples responded. A common interest surround by powerlifting formed a close bond between these two associates. “Everybody would think that people from two opposite countries would be thinking different, opposite, but actually with him… I think we have a lot more in common than we do differences,” Savatinov explained. “So, I think this [powerlifting] is what actually made us be friends.” Now this Mississippian and Bulgarian native work together to set world records. “He competes and does very well, and just to see him progress over the years, and his determination and perseverance that he has… it's amazing to see,” Maples said. Savatinov mentioned over the years, his preservice and hard work helped him make history back in his homeland. “My best is seventh place in the world, and I am the only Bulgarian whoever got to be in the finals of World's Strongest Man,” Savatinov said. Now, these two friends have eyes set on March to compete in the Arnold Strong Man Classic competition for the fifth time starting March 1.



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