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United Blood Services Lose 800 Donations

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - United Blood Services lost out on more than 800 blood donations because of this week's extreme winter weather. Weather conditions forced United Blood Services to close its centers and cancel their mobile blood drives. United Blood Services says it needs the community's support to get the supply back to where it needs to be. The donor recruitment supervisor for United Blood Services, Katie Martin says during this time of year, they depend on visiting a lot of schools and universities for blood donors, but recently they have not been able to. "With the weather that we've had, no one's been able to get out. Cancellations happened, and schools are not even letting us re-book at the present time because their students have been out, and they got to get their schedule back going,” Martin explained. “Please come to 805 South 28th Avenue, and give blood today. We are in need of all blood types... But again, we got to have our community roll up their selves and help us at this critical time." Normal operating hours for the donor center will resume Friday, and donors are urged to donate as soon as possible.



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