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Christian Services, Inc. continues to serve the community with multi-faceted ministry

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - There is a place downtown Hattiesburg where people can receive fellowship, the ministry of Christ and food.

“If I were on the other side of the page, If I were the receiver I would want to know that somebody cared more than just 'hey how you doing',” said Executive Director and CEO of Christian Services, Inc., Jim Prout.

Christian Services, is a 31 year old non-profit organization that provides financial assistance, canned food and more. It’s widely known for soup kitchen services. “You never get used to the same thing. We’re always cooking something different. There’s always each day, someone new in there…so there’s good personalities that mix together and they form a unit. It’s not just somewhere, you’re just putting soup in a bowl and handing it out. We’re serving out love,”

He shared that dozens of volunteers serve anywhere between 3,000 to 3,500 meals weekly. Overtime, when people get what they need to stand on their own feet, Christian Services remains a source of strength and stability.

“It’s kind of like watching your kids grown up and move away. It’s a proud and sad moment because you see lives being restored, and you see hops coming back into the hearts. You see Jesus doing something that only he can do and I get to be in the middle of it. That’s why I love it,”

According to Prout there are still people in the community who needs help. This year they have a few ideas in mind, to help those in need with the help of churches and other donors.



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