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USM Students Swipe Out Hunger

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - The University of Southern Mississippi is collaborating with Eagle Dining and Eagle’s Nest Food Pantry to enact the national campaign “Swipe Out Hunger" by taking donations on campus through Feb. 9. Residential Students have an opportunity to donate up to two guest swipes from their Eagle Dining meal plans. This new campaign allows students to swipe out hunger, and help their fellow students who do not have a meal plan. “Today we are asking students to donate up to two of their guest swipes to students who live on campus or off-campus that’s in need of a meal plan,” USM Eagle’s Nest Special Project Coordinator Tyesha Christopher said. Beginning on Feb. 21, eligible students will be able to use donated swipes after applying at the Eagle’s Nest. “So this is something that we’ve been talking about for a while, and we’re excited to get it launched this semester,” Eagles Dining Marketing Manager Lauren Brescher said. “Students know they’re meal plan, they know they’re options of how many guests meals they have, and they can donate those two meal swipes for this program.” Students have currently donated nearly 300 guest swipes to the program.



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