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New Tax Reform Changes Could Keep Recent College Graduates in Mississippi

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - During this legislative session, there is a new change that could be coming, which could make recent college graduates happy. Changes to the state's tax reform could be used as a tool to keep recent college graduates in the state of Mississippi. House Representative for District 101, Brad Touchstone explains the state's plan behind the new changes. “It had dealt with giving a three-year tax exemption to recent college graduates. We're all looking for ways to try to keep our young educated workforce here in Mississippi, and that is a good way to start that conversation,” Touchstone said. “Also, making sure we have a tax environment in the state that encourages economic development. I think we made great strides in that regard, by getting rid of punitive taxes such as the franchise tax, which put us at a competitive disadvantage compared to the states around us.”



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