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Special Gift Given at St. Fabian Catholic Church

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - As many in our area celebrated St. Patrick's Day and the Italian-Irish Festival. One Hattiesburg man used the weekend to honor someone he says changed his life. Tony Taylor gives credit to the High Priest of Saint Fabian Catholic Church for helping him become a U.S. citizen, purchase a house, and even get his business started. So, Taylor surprised the priest with a special gift. "Well I’m delighted, Tony is obviously from Ghana, West Africa, and has very much been a part of St. Thomas and now St. Fabian church here in Hattiesburg,” Pastor of St. Fabian Catholic Church, Tommy Conway said. “He wants to name me an honorary chief while my family was visiting from Ireland. So, it's a great honor and great privilege for me.” “So, I decided to do this today for honor him, and not to forget the good things he has done for me,” church member, Tony Taylor said. “Besides that, he also helped me to start my business, and helped me to become a citizen, and helped me to get a house.”



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