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How to prevent allergy symptoms during spring weather

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Allergy triggers seem to be hidden everywhere this time of year in South Mississippi.

Tree, grass and rag-weed pollen can cause congestion, headaches and runny nose for some people across the Pinebelt. “The body is recognizing the pollen, as something it needs to respond to – when in fact it is harmless and it is leading to a cascade of triggers that leads to allergy symptoms,” said Hattiesburg Clinic Allergy, Asthma and Immunology specialist Dr. Blake Olmsted.

He says symptoms between allergies and a cold can be a bit tricky. “With colds you’re more likely to experience more fevers, chills, some muscle aches to go along with the muscle symptoms. Time of year is important. In the winter time we see more colds. In the spring with the pollen, with more clear, watery secretions – along with sneezing, and itching of the nose and eyes, its more likely to be allergies,”

However, there are tons of over the counter treatments for nasal allergies.

“For most people they’ll likely see the most benefit from using a nasal steroid. Oral antihistamine can help as well, particularly with itching type symptoms. For many people who need multiple medications, or needing them daily, that’s often a good time for thinking about seeing an allergist for further work up and other options for therapy,” he explained.



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