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Legendary Tom Osborne speaks at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Good Friday Event

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) spent the morning of this Good Friday honoring youngsters and coaches that participate in sports around the Pine Belt. The organization invited the legendary Tom Osborne, a man of many hats to be the guest speaker. Osborn the former football player, coach, athletic director, and politician spoke at Friday’s event about the role coaches in play in lives of our youth, and how these coaches can impact the entire community. “The FCA ministry right now is very cognitive of the fact that coaches are very influential people. I think that we have about 80 million young people in our country today, and 50 million of those kids will have a coach at some point,” Osborne said. “So, coaches are not just as coaches, but they are also mentors. Sometimes the coach is the only adult role model that young person has in their life. So, they have a lot of influence.” FCA president, Mitchell Williams followed-up Osborne’s comments about the event. “We are shouting because not only did we have a great celebration today, but we also remember the cause. This is the day when Jesus said, I love you enough that'll die, and prior to dying he shouted. He shouted, ‘forgive them for they know not what they do.’ He shouted, it didn't say murmured,” William said. “He was excited to die for us. Hopefully, everybody will remember going into Easter that God's love is for everybody.” Next weekend the organization will be having their 15th annual Quarterback Club event, which is a leadership retreat for high school football players.



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