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Spring time kicks off running season in Pinebelt

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - When it gets warm outside people kick dieting, exercising and running into high gear. However, health officials want the public to know there are other benefits to cardio training.

“Weight loss isn’t the only benefit. As far as cardio vascular concerns it significantly lowers your blood pressure and significantly decreases your chance of getting heart disease...” said Hattiesburg Clinic Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer, Zach Jones.

According to new data shows that Mississippi’s adult obesity rate ranks as the second highest in the country.

“The initial steps can begin with a simple power walk. You know? Set a goal saying 'I want to power walk in this amount of time'. When the next week rolls around, you can say 'I want to jog now, but I’m going to try and hit 1.5 miles'. Say you come up short, well the good thing is you set a realistic goal,”

Jones said it’s common for people to get easily discouraged, but with consistency and perseverance the road to a healthy lifestyle is achievable.

“So let’s say you’re working towards a half marathon, there’s plenty events going on around the Hub City. They have different 5Ks, including one Hattiesburg Clinic puts on that’s a 5K and Half Marathon called the Rise and Shine Half Marathon. Whether you’re working towards that or any other 5K going on around the city – its just something to chip away at that you’ll eventually at the end goal say ‘I’ve done that’,

Cardio training exercises and running provides better sleep and heart function. It even allows an opportunity to spend time outdoors. Officials say a little time in nature can keep you calm, happy and energized.

Hattiesburg Clinic’s annual Rise and Shine Half Marathon & 5K is 7am this Saturday at the Clinic’s main campus.



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