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Counterfeit Money going around in Mississippi

WAYNE COUNTY, MISS. – Six southeast Mississippi residents face charges of passing counterfeit money in a scam that goes all the way back to 2016.

“There's been a lot of damage with the counterfeit,” Wayne County Sheriff, Jody Ashley said. “You're doing counterfeit money here, you will be arrested. You're going to jail.”

This comes after numerous perpetrators hit local businesses in the county, by giving them fake money. Wednesday in federal court in Hattiesburg an indictment unsealed charges against six people for using counterfeit money. Richard Bryan Crabtree, Richard Cochran, Katie Ashley Dubose Tate, Kimberly Lynn Hutchinson, Christopher Bishop and Tyler Janzen Perry all face charges for using counterfeit bills. “They come in and buy a $1.59 candy bar, they are going to get $98.41 in change. Well, hey look we're out of that money.” Glen Miller, the district manager with Kelley Companies said. By coming in making and small purchases with big bills, criminals are able to exchange fake money for authentic cash. “We had to purchase these expensive machines that will detect them,” Miller said. “They say they are 99 percent accurate, however, about 9 months ago we had a bill to pass that machine.” Wayne County is not the only county being affected by this problem either. “They'll skip and go into another county,” Sheriff Ashley said. “I know Jasper County got hit pretty hard. Jones County has been hit. Perry County has been hit. So, they are going from place to place.” Ultimately, catching the eye of the United States Secret Service, along with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.



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