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Mayor Barker Speaks about a $22 Million School Bond

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – Hattiesburg’s Mayor Toby Barker says getting a $22 million school bond approved in May 2018 is his key priority. “Our facilities in our public schools are really old,” Barker said. “Right now at Hattiesburg High, if there were ever a situation there's no way to secure that campus because there are so many ways to get on that campus.” Barker says the new bond would help schools make many needed renovations to old facilities, and help secure the safety of students. “What this bond issue would allow for the school district to do, is not only create more classroom space for academics and the technical education, but it would also create one single entry point for the people going into Hattiesburg High School,” Barker said. Ultimately, helping the school lock down the facility in the event of an emergency, and while the bond is for $22 million Barker assures taxpayers they have no need to worry. “This bond issue would allow us to make those investments with absolutely no additional taxes to the people of Hattiesburg,” Barker said. The new bond issue would replace a 2001 school bond issue that has already been paid off. “If the taxpayers step up and support our schools, and vote to renew that millage they won't pay anything more,” Barker said. “The school district can take 22-and-half million dollars and make these new renovations right now.” Taxpayers will vote on the bond May 22, and to pass it requires a 60 percent approval.



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