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St. Fabian Catholic Church begins construction on their new facilities

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - St. Fabian Catholic Church began the construction of a new church in Lamar County.

The construction for the church will include multiple new facilities including a sanctuary for worship and a football and baseball field for the church’s future school.

“There’s just something about having your own building,” Pastor of St. Fabian Catholic Church Tommy Conway said. “Having your own space to come to, to hang your hat. It’s a wonderful place to call home.”

The construction of multiple facilities being built by St. Fabian Catholic Church were made possible through a generous donation from a local Hattiesburg Resident.

“There was a dentist at Sacred Heart Church called Richard Fabian McCarthy, and he donated the 25 acres of land with one stipulation, that the church built here be called St. Fabian,” Conway said.

The church currently holds 800 members, and plans to complete the new church by Christmas of 2018.



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