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Professional Baseball leaving Laurel

This press release comes from the National Urban Professional Baseball League

Laurel, Miss. – The National Urban Professional Baseball League is giving deep consideration to shutting down its baseball league in Laurel, Mississippi on June 30, 2018 due to lack of support. We have to have sponsorship and the support of the fan base in order for this league to survive. Laurel is a great city that is known for embracing its baseball. All the way from Hattiesburg to Meridian and own though the Coast. We need the support of all the surrounding fans, church, community and business leaders to come out and embrace this new league in order for us to sustain ourselves pass June 30th.

“Our vision is to provide affordable family entertainment, promote diversity in the game of baseball and to allow those baseball players that feel like they’re opportunity has passed them by to fulfill their dream of playing professional baseball. We are calling on everyone to rally to the cause of saving and supporting this league over the next 10 days. We are call on the community, church and business leaders to help provide us with the much needed sponsorship to make Laurel, Mississippi our permanent home. (Mike Mayden, Director of Baseball operation).”

Information on schedules and sponsorship are posted on our website



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