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New movie makes its way to Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – The “Hub-City” hits the big screen with Miles Doleac’s film called Hallowed Ground. The film becomes Doleac’s fourth film to be shot in Hattiesburg in the past five years, which is something Doleac takes great pride in.

“As a Mississippian, as somebody who's from here, I want to lay the foundation here,” Doleac said. “I want to put up stakes here. I want to put my money and my vision for whatever it's worth, where my heart and my home is.”

Crew members referred to the film as a “psychological thriller” that centers around a young couple trying to reconnect before they cross a forbidden property line. A property line previously laid by a Native American family. “So, Hallowed Ground is kind of a psychological thriller,” actress/producer for the film, Lindsay Williams said. “They inadvertently cross the property line, and everything falls apart after that.” Monday served as the first day of a twelve-day shoot for the film. The crew members will continue shooting at the site located on Lincoln Rd. Extension until Thursday.



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