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Hattiesburg Mayor Nominates Two New Directors

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – Tuesday morning Hattiesburg Mayor, Toby Barker announced his nomination for the director of Public Works and director of Parks and Recreation. Barker made this announcement after the recent resignation of Colton Hill, who served as the city’s deputy director of streets. However, Barker still managed to grow his administration appointing Ronnie Perkins as the new director of Public Works nominee, and Chris McGee as the new director of Parks and Recreation nominee. “I have a passion to serve, and I am willing to work with Public Works and the employees there to ensure that we do the right thing and continue to serve our city the way we need to,” Perkins said. McGee followed up Perkins comments expressing his commitment to the job. “To the staff and the citizens of Hattiesburg, you have a person in me that will listen, understand, and try to bring programs and facilities that you want,” McGee said. Both nominees could start soon if city council approves their nominations tonight.



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