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USM hosts immigration forum

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – The University of Southern Mississippi’s Center for Human Rights and Civil Liberties held an immigration forum Tuesday evening in the Gonzales Auditorium. During the forum, students and community residents received the opportunity to ask a group of panelists questions about immigration. “Today’s event was an attempt to present all of the immigration issues with both sides being heard, and allow people from all sides to talk in a friendly atmosphere,” USM Political Science associate professor, Robert Press said. Many students agreed that the immigration forum centered around a big topic that needed to be discussed. “It’s a really big topic right now,” USM student, Tyler Cunnings said. “I think with midterm elections coming up it is definitely going to become an even bigger topic.” The USM's Center for Human Rights and Civil Liberties also mentioned that they plan to have more forums in the near future and the next one will take place Oct. 30, where they will discuss human slavery.



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