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Laurel holds Veterans Day memorial service

LAUREL, MISS. – Residents in the City of Laurel honor the sacrifices many veterans made, as they fought to protect the freedom and homeland of the United States of America. Monday morning, residents gathered for a memorial service at the Veterans Memorial Museum to show their respect for veterans around the country.

“A taxi drove up in the yard and handed my mother a telegram,” guest speaker and retired veteran, Chuck May said. “She didn’t open it. He said, ‘Would you like for me to read it for you?' She said, ‘No. I think I know what’s in it,’ and after he drove off she opened it up. My brother had been killed.”

May is one of his mother's five children who served in the military. Monday, May reflected on the last moments his mother and brother shared together. “The Holy Spirit spoke to her and said, ‘Go and Hug his neck,’” May continued telling his story. “She said, ‘But I already hugged his neck. I don’t want to make it difficult for him to leave home.’ The spirit spoke to her again and said, ‘If you don’t, you’ll be sorry.’” May elaborated on the importance of understanding the sacrifices made, so many Americans can enjoy today’s freedom. “There’s a cost for freedom,” May stated. “Many of us have lost loved ones and our hearts are still touched.”



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