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New Purple Heart Homes chapter coming to Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – Veterans living in the City of Hattiesburg could receive extra assistance in the near future, as a non-profit organization called Purple Heart Homes, looks to make its way to the Hub-City.

Wednesday morning, Hattiesburg residents and military personnel all came together inside the Jackie Dole Community Center to discuss creating a Purple Heart Homes chapter.

“I’m absolutely blown away,” Tim Mangum, the vice president of chapters for Purple Heart Homes said. “I came in and saw the number of people, the motivation, the smiles, and the heartfelt stuff here, and I’m shocked.” Purple Heart Homes is a non-profit organization that provides housing solutions for disabled and aging veterans. The non-profit provides solutions by coming into veterans homes and providing much-needed renovations, such as adding ramps, raising toilets, building walk-in showers, and more. “If we get more folks like the people in this town, working across the nation… we would help those 4 million disabled veterans out there,” Mangum said. Hattiesburg looks to become a part of this non-profit organization by adding their own chapter. “What we want to see is a permanent structure that our community can really take ownership over, and start to address the needs of veterans’ housing,” Toby Barker, the mayor of Hattiesburg said. “We are excited about what this means.” Purple Heart Homes and several partners helped make renovations to three homes in Hattiesburg, and with a new chapter, the organization will be able to assist more veterans. “Our goal is to do at least five projects within the first year,” Mavis Creagh, the newly elected president for the Hattiesburg chapter said. “So, that’s the goal… to help those veterans who are in need, that’s our main goal.” Creagh also mentioned the board plans to have a follow-up meeting in two weeks.



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