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William Carey educates high school students about health care industry

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – Nearly, 300 high school students from 11 different schools toured William Carey University (WCU), Wednesday morning, to learn about career options in the healthcare industry.

“A lot of students didn’t know what H.A.E, H.I.E, or what music therapy was,” Brennan Pitts, WCU recruiter and admissions counselor said. “We’re here to expose them to those new career outlets.” “One [I did not know about] was definitely the musical therapy,” high school senior, Shamari Hutchinson said. “Like, I didn’t know they had something like that.” Many students learned about career fields, they did not even know existed, and the variety of career options gave students a whole new perspective on what they could do with their future. “It sways my mind,” Hutchinson said. However, one thing remains certain, which is each student at Wednesday’s event plans to work in the healthcare industry. “I’m going to major in monocular science," Hutchinson said. "Then go and get my doctorate [degree] to become a neurosurgeon." “I’m definitely going to be a nurse, and eventually, further my career,” Abby Ellis, a high school junior said. Students received exposure to medical equipment the will be using in the near future, and thanks to Wednesday symposium students went home with a better understanding of the many different avenues they venture in the healthcare industry.



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