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State and Local elected officials listen to concerns at PRCC

HATTIESBURG, MISS. – Pearl River Community College (PRCC) students and faculty members sought answers from elected officials Monday morning, at PRCC’s Legislative Government Officials breakfast. Students and faculty members listened closely as state and local elected officials attempted to address their concerns. “It’s one thing to actually know who they are, but to have them come and speak to us face-to-face is another thing,” Jelea McLeod, a PRCC student said. “We are just happy to have them hear our concerns for our school.” “We want to continue to try to reiterate our message,” Adam Breerwood, PRCC’s president said. “[We want] to continue to try and provide higher education opportunities.” One after another, each elected official emphasized the importance of education, and also mentioned how important it is for Mississippi to retain the state’s young talent. “I will tell you that the legislature is doing all we can to find ways to keep you guys here,” Missy McGee said. “We hope that you will stay here in this area, and put down roots and make a life for yourself.” For this very reason, Breerwood wants lawmakers and other elected officials to see PRCC as an investment. “We are putting people to work, we are building our tax base, and we want to try to continue to spread that message,” Breerwood said. “Hopefully, that will resonate all the way to Jackson with our decision makers.” However, it could be about another month before Breerwood receives his answer when Mississippi officially wraps up its legislative session.



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