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USM's Head Basketball Coach resigns

HATTIESBURG, MISS. - USM’s head basketball coach puts in his letter of resignation Thursday morning. After five years with the Golden Eagles, Doc Sadler says he no longer wants to be a head coach.

“At this time I do not want to be a head coach,” Sadler said. “I don’t want the responsibility.”

A surprise announcement coming from the head coach of the men’s basketball program, as Sadler officially steps down. “Southern Miss. needs somebody who’s committing to them for five, six, seven, or even eight years,” Sadler explained. “I couldn’t do that.” Now the program will turn to its new athletic director, Jeremy McClain for a sense of direction. “Well, apparently I’m starting today,” McClain said jokingly. McClain expected to officially join USM in May, but with an important vacancy needing to be filled the time for his arrival sped up significantly. While McClain joked about his arrival time, he quickly switched tones when asked about his timeline for finding Sadler's replacement. “We are going to start immediately, this afternoon,” McClain answer, when asked about his search for a coach. “We are going to start this process because the timeline is critical.” Sadler also used Thursday’s press conference as an opportunity to thank Southern Miss. fans and explain what he believes the program needs in order to move forward. “A culture needs to be built here, a championship culture,” Sadler said. McClain did not name any possible candidate that might replace Sadler. However, rumors are swirling around coach Sadler, as multiple outlets reported he plans to return to the University of Nebraska for a second chance as an assistant coach. “It’s being reported that I am going to Nebraska,” Sadler said. “I’m going to tell you right now, that’s a good possibility.”



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