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Swan Song: Mississippi, let's live to give

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The Christmas season is a time for folks to count their blessings. It’s also a time for giving.

There are those much less fortunate who really need our help this holiday season. That’s why organizations and charities such as The Salvation Army, Christian Services, soup kitchens, Extra Table, and others exist. They provide help for those in need, not just during this season but year-round. That’s why Angel Trees, Toys for Tots collections, and food drives exist.

This weekend Christian services will be hosting its birthday party for Jesus where they will be giving away gifts to hundreds of needy children as well as a hot lunch for families.

For school-aged kids, school is out for the holidays. On the surface, that good news -- except nearly 30% of Mississippi's children depend on schools for a hot breakfast or lunch.

In all, nearly 700,000 Mississippians suffer from food insecurity -- meaning there is no access to healthy food or no food at all. And everyday over 20% of our residents have to make a decision whether to pay a bill or eat dinner.

I encourage you to extend a helping hand to those in need. Buy an extra Christmas gift for a needy child, donate money to a charitable cause to help feed our neighbors, or volunteer your time.

We are known around the country as the hospitality state. Let’s really show it this Christmas season.



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