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SCRMC expands patient visitation

(The following is a press release from South Central Regional Medical Center)

South Central Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce the expansion of patient visitation at the hospital. Open visitation is allowed for family members and friends of medical-surgical patients who are not in isolation due to COVID or other medical conditions. Two patient visitors are allowed in a patient room at a time. All who enter South Central will be required to wear a mask.

Beth Endom, Chief Nursing Officer at South Central Regional Medical Center, said, “Patients and guests at South Central are pleased with the expanded policy and feel as though things are beginning to feel like they are getting back to some sense of normal again.”

During the pandemic, hospitals across the country had to cease patient visitation or limit the number of patients visiting a patient daily to keep patients, visitors and hospital workers safe. It has been extremely important for our patients and guests not to have their loved ones close by.

As with most hospitals, some restrictions still apply. Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit patients at South Central Regional Medical Center. Patient visitation restrictions remain in place for the intensive care unit (ICU) and maternal/child care areas.




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