Alligator Season Opens with Record Breaking Harvests

Mississippi's public and private land alligator hunting seasons opened on August 28 to a record weight harvest and record length harvest, both taken on public waters. On August 29, however, a new record weight (826 lbs) and length (14' 1/4") alligator was harvested. MDWFP Alligator Program Coordinator, Ricky Flynt, certified the first officially recorded 14 foot alligator in Mississippi. Though several 14 foot alligators have been reported by MDWFP personnel in the past, none of the alligators were ever officially measured. This alligator was taken on a Private Lands Permit, which allows permitted hunters different opportunities than those offered on public waterways. Private Land permit holders are allowed to take alligators with a high powered rifle, but only during daylight hours.

The record alligator was harvested by Kennie Crechale of Morton and Ronnie Clifton of Petal on Rosedale Hunting Club on Davis Island which is located on the Mississippi River.

Mississippi's public waters alligator season concludes September 7, and the private lands alligator season ends September 21. Follow season updates online.

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