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Local Librarian Selected for Understanding Sacrifice Program

Laurel - Faith, Hope, and Love is Laurel High School's motto and their librarian, Raymond Brookter is one of 18 educators to participate in the understanding sacrifice program.

"We'll pick a veteran who was killed in action in the Mediterranean. In our area of Jones County, we have 52 that were k-i-a (killed in action). From those, I will glean the information of one soldier and I will follow the path along” states Brookter.

Brookter was selected because of his passion for history and his desire to teach students more about the minorities that contributed to War World II. Picking one veteran out of 52 to do a eulogy is challenging. However, there are more challenges that arise.

"There are challenges of sensitivity to the families. We're talking to loved ones who lost their high school students, lost that breadwinner, lost a son or a nephew and those parents, of course, may have gone to their glory as well, so they may not be willing to discuss something that painful and that far removed."

Raymond Brookter is planning on delivering his eulogy in 18 months...



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