Crescent City Grill pays tribute to Chef Paul Prudhomme

Hattiesburg - Crescent City Grill is one of the local favorite restaurants in town and its menu displays cuisine that the late great Paul Prudhomme was iconically known for.

Jeremy Noffke, Chef de Cuisine, states "Paul Prudhomme is a big influence on what we today know as Cajun and Creole Cuisine. He made it famous. He invented blackening, black and red fish, which single-handily put the red fish business out of business. Pretty important part of what we do here at Crescent City Grill."

With New Orleans being named as the Crescent City, it's pretty clear that Crescent City Grill wants to emulate New Orleans' style cooking.

"We do a lot of blackened fish, which he is ultimately responsible for. We based a lot of our classic Creole dishes from Creole, Étouffée, Jambalaya - kind of based on how he does his."

Since Crescent City Grill opened in 1987, the restaurant has quite the following.

"We pride ourselves in having a lot of returning customers. We have a very very loyal following. There's some customers that are in here every day, seven days a week, sometimes for lunch and dinner."

Crescent City Grill has always been known for their great cuisine...however, they have spiced things up in effort to pay tribute to the late great Paul Prudhomme.

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