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Local fire fighter volunteer posts hefty bond

Forrest County, MS - A local volunteer for the Forrest County fire department was recently arrested. The Forrest County sheriff department received vital information on Sept. 26 regarding Carl Swann who was arrested for embezzling funds from the fire department.

Nick Calico, investigator for the Forrest County sheriff says, "We still have to go through some more financial records, but we have contacted the fire coordinator."

The sheriff departent subpoenaed the fire department for their financial records and found enough information to continue their investigation.

Calico continues, "We went through and determined that there was enough embezzlement and enough information to get an arrest warrant for the assistant fire chief."

Swann made his intial appearance on Monday and the bond was set at $5,000 which was posted later that afternoon.

Not only was Swann a volunteer for the fire department, but was a former reserve deputy for the Forrest County sheriff department.



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