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Red Ribbon Week

Hattiesburg - It's Red Ribbon Week and Mayor Dupree and Dream announced a proclamation about improving local communities.

Dream executive director, Linda Vasquez said, "It's important because we want healthy lifestyles for our children and families and our community. Having healthy lifestyles means that people are going to be actively involved and engage in activities that make them happier and make our community stronger."

Red Ribbon Week was started after drug enforcement officer, Kiki Camarena was killed in the line of duty. And since then, it's become a national campaign during this week.

Vasquez said, "We'll be doing education careers or classes for 30-45 minutes and we'll have community volunteers that will be servicing 8,000 students throughout the Pine Belt."

Vasquez explains how appreciative she is to work with Mayor Dupree during Red Ribbon week.

"It shows his commitment to alcohol, tobacco, drug use prevention and how he cares about healthy lifestyles for everyone in our community, in particularly in Hattiesburg. How he wants citizens to be aware of issues but also that the make a difference in life and can make a difference in our community."

We're in the midst of Red Ribbon Week and if you would like to get involved, please call the number 601-545-2102.



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