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Reaction to removal of state flag at USM

Hattiesburg - Southern Miss took down the state flag yesterday and now have three American flags waving in front of the campus.

Dr. Chris Campbell shares his thoughts on the removal of the flag, "My sense is that people expected it to happen and it was just a matter of time."

The state flag is a topic of much controversy, given the fact that the flag contains a symbol of the confederate flag. However, some students feel that the state flag should still be up.

USM student, Jasmine Smith said, "The flag shouldn't have come down because it represents our state and the veterans, and the community. But basically, I don't understand why they took it down."

The state flag has been representing Mississippi since 1894...and with all the backlash that comes with the confederate flag, people throughout the community want to move forward.

Dr. Campbell said, “We have this horrible legacy and the flag is a symbol of it and it's time to get rid of it you know? It's not good for the state, it's not good for the university. It's a state with a rich culture, and a great diversity, and let’s embrace it."



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