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Do not let the ballot fool you this Election Day

Forrest County, MS - Election Day is nearing in and voters are confused about the way Initiative 42 and Alternative Measure 42A is formatted on the ballot.

LaDonna Townsend, Deputy Clerk of Election Management says, "They (voters) are confused, they know who to vote for, but they do not know how to put it on the ballot."

Voting on Inititiave 42 and Alternative Measure 42A is a one or two step process. Voters can either vote for approval of either or against. If you vote approval of either, you can then proceed to the next step in choosing either Initiative 42 or Alternative Measure 42A. If you vote against both, you do not need to proceed to step two.

Townsend says, "Our tabulation machine will only count what they vote, so if they want to leave that option left open on the ballot, they can do that and it still would not void the ballot.

On voting day it is okay to leave the second step blank, if you vote against both. It is the "AND" after step one that is definitely misleading voters.



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