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Voters are at the poll for different reasons

Lamar Co, MS - At the Lamary County Richburg voting precinct, volunteers have been saying theres been a lot of traffic.

Volunteer, Lee Yates, says, "So far from the time we opened our polls it has been really busy, coming and going, coming and going."

This election has a lot of the voters coming in for different reasons. Reggie Ford, volunteer, mentions, "I think the more people are involved this time than they have been because of the situation of our country, the job market, you know the whole scope of things, have got people interested in it."

One of the main reasons why this election is popular is because of Initiative 42 and Alternative measure 42A. A Lamar County voter, Serita Rose Murphy says, "Well I think it is good especially if they (voters) are for education its a good thing. I almost did not come but I thought, my kids are teachers, I better go."

Murphy continues, "It is just important, you know, schools need more money, and hopefully this will do it."

The variety of races in this general election definitely has the voters attention. Mr. Ford further states, "By 10 AM this morning we already had 300 voters."



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