USM Teacher wins the Mississippi Outstanding College Science Teacher of the Year

Hattiesburg, MS - To many, USM has always been a successful school...hence the saying "Southern Miss To The Top!" And now, a USM associate professor has her name at the top of all college science teachers, as she recently won the Mississippi Outstanding College Science Teacher of the Year award.

Associate Professor, Dr. Sherry Herron said, "I was notified that I had been selected and the award was announced during the annual Mississippi Science Teachers Association meeting and I did know that I was going to get it. It's very, very humbling, and exciting, and I'm very thankful."

To her peers and students, Dr. Herron is a very great teacher. However, she never thought she would be a teacher as she was growing up.

Herron said, “I didn't think it was possible. I was very shy growing up. I never even asked a question in class, not even during college did I even ask a question. That's how shy I was."

Originally, Dr. Herron majored in physical therapy. It didn't seem like a right fit for her, so her adviser suggested teaching, and now look at all the things she has accomplished in her 40 years of teaching and the impact she has had on students.

Herron said, "When my daughter posted the notification that I received this award, I heard from students I had taught almost 40 years ago, saying how much that I made a difference in their lives."

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