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Upcoming SCAR Fundraising Event

Laurel - Southern Cross Animal Rescue has announced that they will be holding a pancake and sausage fundraiser on Saturday November 28 at Applebees.

SCAR President and Co-Founder, Heather Williams said, "For $5, people can really chip in and support something awesome. We have a lot of good fundraising needs for our shelter right now. Lots of things to raise money for. It's from 8-9:45 at Applebees and Santa will be there the whole time. It's pancakes and sausage and all you can drink and you can get the plates to go. I know it's going to be a busy shopping morning for a lot of people, so we'll have them available to go. They can pay at the door or they can buy tickets from any board member from Southern Cross Animal Rescue. They can come into our shelter when we're open."

If you would like to attend, the fundraising event will be at the Applebees location in Laurel off of Highway 15.



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