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Local church starts a social trend after Starbucks' red cup controversy

HATTIESBURG, Miss - Joshua Generation Metropolitan Community Church started a social trend of filling up red cups with necessities for those in need. It all started after the Starbucks controversy of their red holidays cups.

The pastor of Joshua Generation MCC, Brandiilyne Dear, explains, "I really felt God tugged at my heart and said to me, you know it' in the darkest times that I need you to shine the brightest, why don't you just change the world one cup at a time."

Starbucks was ousted on social media for being overly politically correct and destroying Christmas due to the color of the new holiday red cup.

Dear's goal is to shift the focus of the controversy and have the red cups symbolize giving back to the community. She says, "This is what Christianity is about and this is the message that the world needs to see."

People from different states have supported Dear with her mission and are donating in their community too.

Dear continues,"They are going to donate 100 cups and fill up 100 cups in Florida and take them out to their homeless community in that area."

University of Southern Mississippi is supporting Dear's mission too.

"The honors society at USM, they are on board and collecting items to fill up cups and donate as well" Dear says.

Pastor Brandiilyne says that she has been getting such positive feedback on the red cup challenge that she is planning to do this as a year round charity.



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