Mayor Dupree acknowledges small business owners

HATTIESBURG, Miss - Before the holiday shopping starts this weekend, Mayor Dupree encourages residents to shop local.

Owner of Elegant Salon and Boutique Shundrix Hinton says, "I think it is a great thing that he (Mayor Dupree) is doing...he is recognizing small businesses as a whole."

Elegant Salon and Boutique has been in Hattiesburg for the last six years serving the locals in their community with trendy outfits and salon service.

Mayor Dupree explains why he supports small businesses, "I mean I love it I was a small business owner at one time about 25 years ago, I had my own real estate company. Small businesses are truly the backbone of our community. Every year we try to highlight another business to make sure that we give everyone an opportunity to see what is in our community."

Small business owners should have a solid understanding of their market and current economic conditions to plan for success.

"Small business owners they live here, they stay here, they shop here, all the money goes back to the community" Hinton says.

Census Data reports that 51% of small businesses survive more than five years.

Leslie Baker co-owner with Hinton states, "You just get the chance to interact more with each customer that comes in, and you just get the feel of the store and what we offer to the public."

Baker and Hinton both enjoy engaging their business with the community. The Small Business Administration mentions that one of the fastest growing small business sectors are beauty salons.

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