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Hattiesburg Police Department keeping public safe for the holidays

HATTIESBURG, Miss - Family and frinds are gathering around the table to enjoy a festive Thanksgiving, local law enforcement officials are preparing for a day oftern anticipated with danger.

The Hattiesburg Police Department is urging the Pinebelt residents to use caution tomorrow and be mindful of their surroundings. They are on high alert during the shopping season, especially with Black Friday deals.

Public Information Officer, Lt. Jon Traxler says, "We will have the mobile command post that we set up out here around different shopping areas. It will move everyday starting tomorrow and it will go all the way till after the first of the year. If you see the mobile command post there will be an officer inside of it. So if something happens and you need assistance you can come to the mobile command post and we'll assist you there."

The police department is also emphasizing not to drink and drive and to report any suspicious activity.



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