Three USM Athletic Training Students Help Save A Woman's Life

Hattiesburg, Miss. - An ordinary day of a few USM athletic training students changed right before they worked their school's football game against Charlotte.

On this faithful day, the students were inside a hotel making their way down the lobby to head out for work, when they discovered a person in need of urgent assistance.

USM student, Zach Jones said, "We were on the first floor and we passed a hallway that leads out to the outside and there, we saw a woman lying next to the street, kind of close to the door, and well that's not normal at five a.m."

As Jones and his classmates heard the woman aspirating, they rushed to provide her with medical attention.

USM student, Jessica Ringo said, "Zach and I ran out there and did an initial assessment and Nicki called 911 and just all kind of happened. We took her vitals, and monitored her until the ambulance got there."

Jones and Ringo took her pulse, which was a low 40 beats per minute and noticed that the woman was unconscious and started to have seizure-like activities.

USM student, Nicki Jackson said, "I feel like we could've treated her, but based on the condition of her having a seizure, that we really did need the ambulance to get there as soon as possible."

After responding to this random medical emergency, I asked Jackson how her and her classmate’s confidence would be going forward.

Jackson said "I think all of us were pretty confident and just going to the game and just handling whatever we had to handle. I mean we had that situation, so we were already pumped for the day."

The woman survived and the three USM athletic training students are honored for helping save her life.



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