Superintendents meet to address leadership skills

HATTIESBURG, Miss - Mississippi superintendents from a variety of educational agencies met at Southern Miss to assist in providing insight and guidance for accreditation criteria.

Dr. David Lee, USM Associate Professor says, "Our main source of students are those out there in the schools and we need the support of the superintendents because we want to make sure that our program is viable and good."

Laurel Superintendent, Dr. Chuck Benigno, was present and shares why the inaugural meetings are imperative in the lives of children and educators.

"When we talk to our teachers we want them thinking as themselves as leaders. They are basically the CEO of room six or room seven. Their clients are those twenty second graders or maybe those hundred eigth graders throughout the day and leadership is really the secret to those success."

The USM Educational Leadership's objective is to be relevant and more attunded to actual leadership needs of educational agencies.



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