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Nine year old boy donates to Salvation Army

FORREST COUNTY, Miss - Bobby Wayne a 9 year old quadriplegic kid donated all his savings this year when he heard the Red Kettle campaign was far from their financial goal.

Wayne says, "Cuz I know how much people needed homes."

Bobby and his mother, Lori Mcgrew, sat on the couch and saw a commercial that the Red Kettle Campaign needed the community's help in reaching their $300,000 goal.

Mcgrew says, "He's 9 years old, not a lot of 9 year old kids think about something like that. And its kind of something he can control and he wanted to do it."

Lt. Stacey Connelly of the Salvation Army says, "We don't have enough heroes out there and that is what I believe Bobby is, he is a real life hero."

Bobby's mother says he saved all his money from his allowance and his grandparents giving him money.

He plans on donating next year too.



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