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Beauty behind bars in Hattiesburg

HATTIESBURG, Miss - A women's movement originally from Nashville, Tennessee came to Hattiesburg to share hope, joy, love, and a different mindset for those undergoing different life transitions. Beauty Behind Bars is a movement to help women recover from drastic life occurences.

Founder and CEO Tiffany Love Harden says, "The women are awesome and amazing, they are just ready to be real. They want someone that will come to them and be real."

Many of the spokeswomen share their stories to help guide the women towards a better path.

"Just trying to allow the women to see a different version of what their life can become" says Minister Sonja Brown.

Shaunte Belledonna Dozier a woman who talks about the undercover life in the entertainment industry shares, "I never thought I would be here in a million years being here touring with Beauty Behind Bars. You know trying to help women of all ages. We have these vices, we need to wake up and start encouraging not only ourselves, but one another."

Local non profit organizations with similar messages were present too.

Tulisa Manaway, founder of the Hattiesurg DIVAS, says, "This definitely benefit the women here in Hattiesburg because as women we often forget what we have gone through and if my story can help someone else then I am more than happy to share my story to share with other women."

Beauty Behind Bars plans on delivering their message of hope next year in Hattiesburg.



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