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Jasper County Gets a New Sheriff

Bay Springs, Miss. - Jasper County shook things up a little bit in Bay Springs Monday morning by swearing in a new sheriff.

Jasper County Sheriff-elect, Randy Johnson said, "This is a day I've worked for, for a long time. I've been in law enforcement for 31 years."

Previously, Johnson worked for Alex Hodge in Jones County.

Johnson said "i've been lead here to be in this position and I believe that in all my heart and soul, and I wouldn't be here without the good lord above, and my family and friends for support. I've learned a lot from Sheriff Hodge in Jones County as well as the other counties around. It's just a great day and I am so excited to be here."

Johnson shares the biggest issue he wants to tackle.

"Just like any other county, drugs is the main issue that we're facing in this county as well as state wide. It's a horrific problem that we have and it's something that we have to get to work on."

Johnson explains how other counties can benefit from one another going forward.

"Law enforcement has to work together and that was one of the big things Sheriff Hodge has always pushed ever since I’ve been there, working together with these other counties around. You know if we put our resources together and stay in-touch and figure out what's going on, it can benefit from every county.”



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