Do not forget your scholarship deadlines

HATTIESBURG, Miss - As the Fall Semester comes to an end, it is time to prepare and pay for the books for the Spring Semester.

According to Sallie Mae 31% of students pay for college tuition through grants and scholarships.

However, students need to make sure they meet deadlines to receive those aids, but it does get a bit confusing.

USM Financial Aid Counselor, Bill Barnes shares, "I think there are a lot of promotional scholarships, I think it gets a little overwhelimg for students versus a grant versus a loan."

To receive scholarships Barnes says, "The main thing I want to stress is apply early with financial aid in case there is any kind of hold up we are able to take care of that on the front end, so they (students) are able to start school without any financial aid worries of anything holding them up."

Barnes mentions that when students apply for financial aid to make sure they go to as some websites make you pay for what is already a free application.


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