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Holiday Season Increase Auto Burglaries

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Auto burglaries have been on the rise recently and during the holidays, auto burglaries are expected to increase.

Hattiesburg Police Officer, Lt. Jon Traxler said, “Christmas time we got a lot of people that are traveling that are doing shopping, things like that. So we want to remind everybody that auto burglaries are on the rise. When we see one more than we saw the day before, or the week before, it’s too many for us. Over the last week, out of ten auto burglaries, all ten of them were left unlock. So we ask the public to remember to lock your vehicles. We also ask you to not leave anything of value in there. Don’t give the criminals something to go after.”

Lt. Traxler also said locking your doors decreases the chances of criminals breaking into your car.



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