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Southern Pines Animal Shelter Lowers Fees for the Month of December

Hattiesburg, Miss. - Southern Pines Animal Shelter is lowering its adoption fees this month.

No More Homeless Pets Network and the Best Friends Animal Society partnered with Southern Pines in effort to have the shelter's adoption fees reduced to $25.

Shelter Operations Manager, Katherine Sammons said, "Usually there is one area of our population where we may be a little over-crowded or we may have special needs animals, such as heart-warm positive animals, animals with minor medical conditions, animals that just have been over-looked because they look plain and maybe not very unique, like black labs and that sort of thing. For these animals, they may need a little extra help getting out of the shelter. You know the cute fluffy dogs always get adopted, the little puppies always get adopted, so we want to do well for every area of our population, so that's why we lower these fees and waver these fees for people."

Southern Pines Animal Shelter has a special about every month where fees are reduced.



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